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Graphic design is where it all started. I grew up reading comic books and from an early age began creating my own stories which were communicated to the outside world via a combination of hand drawn illustrations and typography.

Not only did I begin to develop a talent for image | text | page layout, I also began nurturing conceptual ability. I enjoyed inventing fantastical stories within my mind and communicating externally by use of a sketch pad, black felt tip pen, pencils, rulers and erasers. The idea and concept came first, quickly followed by visual and typographical communication.

Inevitably, I decided to pursue a career within graphic design. It was whilst studying at Loughborough University that I was taught the traditional practices of typesetting, page layout and visual communication. The course was very much conceptual based and focused upon lateral thinking. We were also taught how to apply our ideas into commercially viable designs, using computers and DTP software. It was during my third and final year that the internet and web design became prominent requirements within the field of graphic design. I was fortunate enough to be a student at the time of the 'digital explosion' and have continued to embrace on-going digital challenges, opportunities and developments ever since.

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Barry Aldridge Marketing | Graphic Design

Barry Aldridge Marketing

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