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I grew up reading comics, science fiction books as well as watching science fiction films. As such, I have always been fascinated by future technology.

I embraced the original 'digital explosion' and remain extremely active within the field, keeping up to speed with new technology and digital processes.

I believe that the 'first wave' of on-line and digital evolution has been a relatively slow process and that the 'second wave' will see higher numbers of advancements at much faster rates of development.

I suspect that the next ten years will see massive changes to both digital as well as automated landscapes and that traditional 'human' job roles will rapidly transform in order to accommodate for near-future technological evolution.

I am particularly passionate about 'The Internet of Things' (IoT) as well as robotic automation, DNA and robotic evolution. I am interested to see how well human beings will interact with robots and believe that the far east will be far more accepting of automated technology and open minded to the concept of robotic evolution, learning as well as the continuing development of emotion and empathy.

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